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    2175 Hawksridge Drive, Unit 1204,

    Naples, Florida 34105

  • New Art by Suddeth..

    sunset Vision II, 60x48, $3000

    Sunset Vision II

    60"x48", acrylic, $3,000

    A Different View II, 48”X 60”, acrylic, $3,000.

    A Different View II

    48”X 60”, acrylic, $3,000


    72"x72" - $3000


    another look at Prism

    Prism III

    48” X 48”, gallery wrapped, acrylic, $1,200

    Shades of Gray

    48”x36”, mixed media, gallery wrapped, $1500

    A Different View

    60"x60", $2400

    A Different View -SOLD

    60" x 60", acrylic, $2400 - another look at a Different View

    Abstracted Paris -SOLD

    4'x 3' Acrylic -$3000

  • Sculpture

  • Special Projects

    tryptic, that is three pieces that are meant to be together,


    Submerged II

    These 3 paintings can be sold individually for $400 or as a set of 3 for $995, framed (2018)

    Submerged III

    Picket Fence I


    Picket Fence II


    These 3 paintings can be sold individually for $395 or as a set of 3 for $1000,

    one frame available for $100

    Picket Fence III


    Finding Your Way I

    24'x24' $700

    Finding Your Way II

    24'x24' $700 

    Finding Your Way


    $1,200 for the pair

    The Church Window


  • Dytipque

    two pieces, meant to be together

    Golden Landscape


      42'x24' gallery wrapped,

    $595 both pieces. not sold separately.

  • About me, Steve Suddeth

    I hope you enjoy my work!

    ARTIST Steve M. Suddeth, Naples, Florida

    Steve grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma, home of Oklahoma State University. His father was a house painter, but studied art for two years at the University of Oklahoma. Steve's mother was a homemaker and exceptional seamstress...so think; father a painter and mother working with fabrics and colors, his whole life.

    Steve bought his first piece of art at age 18 (Bud Cummel of Enid, Oklahoma, "Jacob's Ladder") and quite surprisingly opened an art gallery, The Elements, in 1966. Steve first tried painting in his early 30s,1970-71....only a few pieces, whereabouts unknown. He did a few more later (age 50), whereabouts also unknown.

    He started collecting art early, 1964, and continues through today....78 pieces hanging in their Naples home, 10 at the office and a dozen or so in Tacoma, Washington.....100+ pieces counting closets, garage, and still looking, but running out of walls!

    He took a faux painting classes in Virginia in early 2000s, but stopped and got caught up in working.

    So, along comes 2016 and a renewed interest in painting. He had been a journeyman house painter, painted art in the early 70s and early 2000s, but now a renewed interest and enthusiasm. Steve has taken four or five series of art classes at the Naples Art Association.

    Steve’s work includes nonobjective abstract, objective abstract, realistic, assemblages, and works mostly in acrylic and mixed media.

    So, we have a son of a painter and seamstress who was a house painter, art collector, and artist "wanta be." In real life Steve is a successful residential real estate agent in Naples with Royal Shell Real Estate.

    Artist "wanta be"

    Please contact me to inquire about purchasing a piece.

  • Favorite Pieces

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Cosmic Attraction

    Mountain Spring

    The Light Within

    An Unusual Look at the World


    Pinpoint Purple

    The River Runs Thru It (I)

    Burnished Gold

  • The Blog

    Steve's thoughts and musings.

    In the previous articles I pointed out that many different things can inspire a contemporary painting, a frame, color palate, a scene, a photograph, a vision. Sometimes, as in this case, in came from necessity. We had just purchased a summer condo in Tacoma, Washington, and had an 11’ wall that...
    We were last considering a diptych, two pieces connected by color, style, and content. In fact I did the companion piece, river, mountain and all. I didn’t like it. As my gallery owner pointed out,” It just doesn’t have depth or hold ones interest.” I agreed and it became a “paint over”. Sandi,...
    There are likely as many methods of developing an original painting as there are artists; or maybe as many as there are paintings. I’ll have to think about that as this develops. Let’s start with my most recently completed work, “ A River Runs Through It”. Starting with the end, the piece was...
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